Great value shorts are even better value when they're free.....

Sorry it's a bit late but tiffin took a little while this week as we munched our way through some rather lovely Belgian buns. They're but a distant memory now, however, and the random-otron has done its whirry, clicky thing to present us with two winners of a natty new pair of bibs (or ladyshorts). And the winners are...

Fishy and simonwhitaker!

Well done to the lucky two and sorry to those who've missed out this time, there'll be more schwag along next week. In the meantime, have a good weekend: looks like a scorcher!


You may remember that we tested the Rose bib shorts a while back and we liked what we saw. "They're about as cheap as bibs get but they don't go cheap on the design or the quality", said test pilot Rob Simmonds in his review. "They're great value and good quality for an entry level bibshort". And now the nice chaps at Rose have given us a couple of pairs to give away to two of you lucky chaps. Lady entrants are also accepted of course, and if you luck out we'll sort you out some Rose women's gear instead.

Usual schwag grab rules apply: just stick your comment below and you're in the hat. The draw will be at tiffin time on Friday and you can choose what size you want, and your favourite colour highlight too (assuming your favourite colour is blue, orange, red, silver, white or yellow). Good luck all!

PS - Jaz_Allen, if you're reading this then you need to get in touch and send your address so we can send on last week's schwag. Otherwise it'll go in the bonus pot...

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