Effective design that fits and folds nicely - ideal bit of commuting kit

High visibility vests might not be the last word in cycling chic, especially when compared to modern cycling jackets like the Altura Night Vision and the Endura Luminite which manage to be highly reflective and stylish too. However, they can be a real boon when commuting in civvies or in really gloomy conditions.

Being a cycling specific cut coupled with the zippered front and stretch nylon fabric eliminates annoying flapping on fast paced/blustery rides and means it fits snugly over winter training jerseys/technical jackets without feeling restrictive.

The day glow yellow and orange colour scheme is very effective in low light whilst the reflective logo and piping reflect back under car headlamps. The H configuration whilst undeniably attention grabbing isn’t as retina burning as some. An elasticated rear pocket captures keys and other essentials whilst making a suitable mounting point for LEDs, although mesh pockets the front would’ve been a nice touch.

Given the fabric’s tendency to attract road/traffic grime it’s fortunate that it can be popped in the washing machine on a low temperature and I noticed a tendency to absorb and retain moisture -not an issue worn with technical clothing but could leave you feeling chill in a micro fleece on longer commutes.

At a whisker below £20, the night vision is a mid range vest that folds very compactly, occupying minimal space in a pannier or seat pack and the XS option might suit younger riders-especially those aboard tag-alongs.

Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL

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Shaun Audane is a freelance writer/product tester with over twenty-eight years riding experience, the last twelve (120,000 miles) spent putting bikes and kit through their paces for a variety of publications. Previous generations of his family worked at manufacturing's sharp end, thus Shaun can weld, has a sound understanding of frame building practice and a preference for steel or titanium framesets.
Citing Richard Ballantine and an Au pair as his earliest cycling influences, he is presently writing a cycling book with particular focus upon women, families and disabled audiences (Having been a registered care manager and coached children at Herne Hill Velodrome in earlier careers)


DaveP [412 posts] 10 years ago

Go buy one of these for every member of your family:


And still have change for meatballs


purplecup [217 posts] 10 years ago

but it didn't come with the right amount of screws. and then it fell apart when i moved house.  1

DaveP [412 posts] 10 years ago

LOL!  4

simondbarnes [55 posts] 9 years ago

and the XS option might suit younger riders-especially those aboard tag-alongs.

They're available in kids sizes as well  1